Laurie Heigh

Have you ever just felt in your bones that something was RIGHT?
That “it”, (whatever “it” was) made your head, heart and soul happy?

That was Mōdere for me!

I started using the Pet Biocell for my little Chorkie, Stewie, and when I saw what it did for his dry skin and hair growth, I HAD to try the human version of Liquid Biocell for myself – Biocell was touted to be the #1 product for eliminating the source of joint pain as well!

I’m a wife, entrepreneur and dog mom, so when I’m not feeling my best I can’t give my best to my family and customers.

Fast forward 90 days and I was no longer experiencing back and debilitating shoulder pain! (I’m a lifelong athlete and a dog groomer – so my body has seen it’s fair share of “abuse” and injury)

Doctors had told me that my only relief was going to be found with pills or surgery – neither of which were an option in my mind!

Liquid Biocell is Health Canada approved as a treatment for Osteoarthritis – and has an NPN (Natural Product Number) that allows it to be prescribed, and is covered by some insurance companies

And from then on I was hooked – hooked on living a cleaner, toxin-free, healthier lifestyle.

I also shrunk 2 pant sizes in 90 days using our fat-melting product, Trim! This was an incredible start for me, and truly one that I hadn’t originally thought possible! (Life experiences teach us that 99.9% of the time if something seems too good to be true, it usually is!)

I joined the company after seeing (and feeling!) the incredible results for myself, and the rest, as they say, is history!

I absolutely love sharing information about all of the ways I can help people improve their quality of life – by eliminating joint pain, increasing their self confidence by reducing their acne/wrinkles/turkey neck/cellulite, improving their hair growth, giving them more energy, improving their health by ridding their homes of harmful toxic products, and so many other things!!!

This company with over 30 years of “clean science” behind it has literally changed my life, and it can for you too! As a customer, a Social Marketer, or, like me – both!

I hope you will find just what you are looking for in the resources/products found on this page.
If you cannot, or need some more information or help deciding, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through the Contact tab above.

I wish you all the health and happiness that the universe has intended you to have – make it a great day!